Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday April 19, 2018

We roll out the red carpet on this week’s Open Sources Guelph, and on it is a declaration that this week we’re almost all about the Guelph stuff. First up, we’ll welcome back Mayor Cam Guthrie for his third appearance on the show, and then we will dig into some discussion on major building projects in the city that have been making a lot of news lately. On top that, we’ll talk about the reasons why the ultra rich are terrible this week. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday April 19, 2018”

A Bridge Too Near



I’ve always loved the electric atmosphere generated at a contentious City Hall meeting, no matter the issue. Due to other more pressing duties in my life, I can’t commit massive chunks of time to the civic beat these days but I did pop in last week for long enough to hear the engineering department’s dissertation regarding the upgrade of the one lane bridge on Niska Road. A seven hour juggernaut is a high endurance test but to their credit, plenty of people stuck it out for the duration. The only time I have spoken on the record at City Hall was in defence of the environment, regarding the lack of respect shown toward it by a well known slumlord in town. I’ve never become one of The Usual Suspects in the crowd though, those same people that show up with a sheaf of notes and make identical arguments time and…

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