Open Sources (Ep. #363) Show Notes for February 3, 2022

This week on Open Sources Guelph, we’re occupying the airwaves starting at 5 pm, but we promise to give them up at 6 pm. Unlike some people, we know how to not wear out our welcome, but we also known Nazis are bad. We’re going to talk about you-know-what in Ottawa, and the surprisingly fast and destructive effect on the Conservative Party, plus we’ll have an interview with a provincial party leader. Continue reading “Open Sources (Ep. #363) Show Notes for February 3, 2022”

Open Sources (Ep. #343) Show Notes for September 16, 2021

This week on Open Sources Guelph, we reach the epic conclusion of this brief, but fascinating Federal Election campaign. In this last show before Election Day, we are hosting the two candidates from the two parties that will likely form the next government. In the top half, from the red team, we will have Lloyd Longfield, and getting the last word, from the blue team, is Dr. Ashish Sachan. Continue reading “Open Sources (Ep. #343) Show Notes for September 16, 2021”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday March 23, 2017

Now going three weeks strong without a branded Trump topic (you just can’t get away from this guy), Open Sources Guelph comes at you this Thursday with 100 per cent Can Con (and 75 per cent Con Con). First up, we’ll look at the now victorious new leader of the Alberta PCs and the big job he has ahead of him, and then we’ll talk about the dirty tricks employed in the federal Conservative race, which, surprisingly, were not the figment of one candidate’s imagination. Then we’ll look at this year’s federal budget with out local Member of Parliament, and discuss the concerning mess over at our favourite media punching bag.  Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday March 23, 2017”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday February 9, 2017


It’s a special occasion this week on Open Sources Guelph, and we’re inviting a lot of friends over to mark the day. What’s the occasion? Why we’re marking six and a half decades of Queen Elizabeth II’s rule, and we’re going to celebrate with our old friends in the Conservative leadership race, our good pals in the Trump administration, and all those both concerned and elated to making our little town by the two rivers an official “sanctuary.” Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday February 9, 2017”

The Weekender: You Finally Did It….


It didn’t even take until lunch time for the latest entrant in the Conservative Party leadership race to embarrass himself. The definition of embarrassment is entirely my own because, as we’ve learned from the Trump experiment south of the border, sometimes a gross lack of political savvy and poise is a selling point, and worse still, some people are all too willing to buy it. Considering all that, Kevin O’Leary, the cartoonishly super villain like “entrepreneur”, “business expert” and reality show TV star, began his political career by saying the following on CP24: “[Justin Trudeau]’s lucky he is going to meet me and I’ll tell you why. I am going to help him find his ultimate destiny because it is not running this country, that’s for sure.” Continue reading “The Weekender: You Finally Did It….”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday July 28, 2016


After taking a week off, we have a lot of politics to catch up on with this week’s Open Sources Guelph. First, we’ll go to Philly where history was made as the first woman to win a major party nomination accepted with the trepidation of some in her party. It was serious stuff, the kind of stuff that make you want to take a trip to the circus. The Republicans threw one last week in honour of coronating their 2016 nominee, the orange-coloured ego man. Hopefully, this is something that will not be repeated next year when the Federal Conservatives and NDP choose a leader here in Canada. Speaking of circuses, the Canadian senate is hoping to go back to relative anonymity now that its members have all been cleared of criminal charges. It would be a crime to miss this week’s episode.  Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday July 28, 2016”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday June 23, 2016


It’s a week of break ups and make ups on this edition of Open Sources Guelph. Across the ocean, one country is deciding today if they’re going to dump the Eurozone experiment like a bad boyfriend that forgets your birthday and never picks up after himself. In Canada, the provinces made the decision to work with the Feds to expand the savings possibilities of the people. Meanwhile, one Conservative politician may be looking to dump his federal party and take his chances with a provincial one, and an old friend is coming by to help out with our ongoing political roast of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday June 23, 2016”