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Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday November 8, 2018

After taking a couple of weeks off from election talk, we’re back at it this week on Open Sources Guelph! In fact, we’ve missed elections so much, we’re importing coverage. First, we’ll get a delivery from the U.S. as the highly contentious midterm elections have wrapped up for another four years. Meanwhile, people in Calgary are having an election, but in this one you can’t ignore the issues because it’s a plebiscite! Back home, we will welcome to the show our first post-election interview with a new city councillor. Continue reading



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Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday October 19, 2017

It’s time for another week of fun and adventure here on Open Sources Guelph, and by “fun” and “adventure”, we mean concern and insanity. Back in the U.S., the president decided that he’s had enough of international diplomacy no matter how well it’s working. Meanwhile, in Calgary, the voters there have decided that they like their current municipal leadership just fine, thank you. But there is cause for concern. For instance, might Canada be primed for its own big short? And what about your Halloween costume, is it politically correct enough?  Continue reading

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