Trudeau Introduces His First Cabinet Shuffle!


When in doubt, shake-up the cabinet! As predicted, given his troubles with pay-for-pay, electoral reform and the rest, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has decided to break in the new year by giving his cabinet a shuffle. Six ministries are playing musical ministers. Take a look at how it all shakes out below. Continue reading “Trudeau Introduces His First Cabinet Shuffle!”

Trudeau Makes Public Marching Orders to Ministers


As part of the move to openness, transparency, and all that stuff, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau released the mandate letters he gave to each member of his cabinet. What’s the big deal? The letter offers insight into what Trudeau wants and expects his executive to do over the course of this four year mandate, in terms of both the general tone of his government, and in terms of the specific goals for their ministries. So what does PM23 have in mind from now till 2019? Continue reading “Trudeau Makes Public Marching Orders to Ministers”

Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday November 5, 2015


After taking a week off, Open Sources Guelph is now forced to talk about Justin Trudeau again. The new Prime Minister is “Designate” no more, and he revealed his first cabinet to an excited throng of over 3,500 people at Rideau Hall yesterday. Meanwhile, the countries going to hell in a hand cart. (Thank Justin.) Ontario’s got more than 99 problems and now has two new ones. Meanwhile, buying a house in certain parts of the country is getting more and more expensive, and money maybe having too much influence at one of Canada’s universities. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday November 5, 2015”

Your New Cabinet for the Government Is…

Today at Rideau Hall, the new cabinet of Canada’s 42 Parliament was sworn in along with the 23rd Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. With 184 members to choose from, and a promise to have equal representation between all regions and gender parity, selection could not have been easy, but it was done. Now there are 30 new minister, each with daunting responsibilities as everyone is looking to the new government to immediately act on a myriad of issues. So who are these brave souls? Continue reading “Your New Cabinet for the Government Is…”