Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday March 1, 2018

This week is a Canadian affair on Open Sources Guelph. There’s a lot of stuff going on at the federal level, not the least of which is the announcement of the budget, but there’s also still a lot to unpack, and not just luggage, from the PM’s recent Southeast Asian excursion. After that, we’ll talk about our own Conservative leader following in the example of the conservative leader south of the border, and why we’re mad at the major media providers this week.  Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday March 1, 2018”

Head of Bell Media Proves that She, Like Her Company, is a Dinosaur


Yesterday, Bell Media held its upfronts for all CTV and associated cable channels. For those of you not in the know, the upfronts is a chance for TV networks to show off for advertisers and the audience what new shows they’re bringing to their stations in the upcoming season. Typically, in the case of CTV, it means revealing what American network shows they’re buying and simulcasting here in Canada so they can make millions without investing significantly in homegrown talent.

If that were the extent of CTV and Bell’s crimes against media this week, then it wouldn’t have made much news beyond the obvious, but what really got under people’s skin was win Bell Media head Mary Ann Turcke used the occasion to slap the wrists of Canadian TV viewers who are accessing American streaming sites like the U.S. version of Netflix, and circumventing Canadian copyright laws. Turcke calls it stealing, but fans of streaming content call it out-dated thinking. What Ms. Turcke doesn’t understand is that she’s the one to blame for consumers looking for accessible services elsewhere rather than investing in her own substandard service. Continue reading “Head of Bell Media Proves that She, Like Her Company, is a Dinosaur”