Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday March 5, 2015


In this week’s edition of Open Sources Guelph, we’ll be covering a wide-range of topics, as per usual. What happens when an Israeli politician talks to the U.S. Congress without permission from the White House? What happens when the government says the internet’s for everyone? What happens when everyone agrees there’s a problem and are no closer to a solution? And what happens when almost no one wants to host the world? Those are some of the questions, and we will attempt to find some answers. Continue reading “Open Sources Show Notes for Thursday March 5, 2015”

Obama Says Pardon My Zinger at State of the Union


Last night’s State of the Union address, Barack Obama’s sixth and second-to-last, contained the usual platitudes mixed with items from the Presidential wish list that are likely never to be granted. But in between Obama taking a victory lap on the economy, pushing for the continuing equalization in pay and marriage, and proposing new childcare support and two-years of free of community college, was a real moment that got everyone talking. Obama, upon mentioning that he had “no elections left” to fight, got a sarcastic round of applause from a few opposition members of Congress. What followed was a classy, but pointed slam heard ’round the Rotunda. Continue reading “Obama Says Pardon My Zinger at State of the Union”